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04-27-2013, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
My personal bar for giving praise is not as low as to give credit for not throwing away quality prospects your scouting staff gets you. IMO that's expected. If Gainey DIDN'T trade McDonagh in his tenure, I wouldn't praise that because I expect blue chippers to not be thrown away.

Bergevin should get props for Prust/Ryder/coaching staff/'team spirit (or whatever you call it lol)'/overall roster management/other managerial things he's been doing, not who Timmins drafts. It's not Bergevin/Gauthier/Gainey who are watching junior games to find Hudon/Gallagher/Subban.

I will give Gauthier credit for getting the 2013 2nds. I will not give him or Bergevin credit/blame for who Timmins drafts.

Yes I admit to being too bitter to give Gauthier full credit for Eller and think Timmins liked him and wouldn't be surprised if he was high on his 2007 draft list.
quoted for truth...

and why is the Eller thread turning into yet another sad attempt for people incapable of mea culpa's to try and spin Gauthier's tenure into anything but the unmitigated failure that it was?

he failed... most of his moves were poor & his organizational management was atrocious... a new GM was quickly able to make the small, yet obvious, adjustments needed to make much better use of the decent talent in our roster (talent largely attributable to A-league best drafting for a decade, B- Cap spending).
is it so hard to look back, accept that one made a mistake in praising a now deposed vegan-tyrant and move on ... how could a non-meat-eater be anything but awful... it's as black and white as it gets ,

Eller is a great asset to have, one of the few silver linings to an otherwise forgettable few years... much more "even a blind squirrel finds a nut" than evidence of less than mediocre tenure imo.

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