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Originally Posted by Ditchweed View Post
You can call the Maple Leafs losers but keep in mind that Toronto won a major sporting event after Montreal did, i.e the World Series in '93. It is also hard for Montreal to call Toronto a loser on the sporting scene since Montreal does not even have a team in what is considered the top three sporting venues in North America. Montreal falls behind Toronto in that it does not have a professional baseball team, nor a professional basketball team, nor even a part time NFL team like Toronto does. The only thing Montreal has beaten Toronto in is hockey, Toronto wins in every other field.

Note: As mentioned previously, I also pull for the Blue Jays and the Raptors since they are the only Canadian teams available, and I hate to see idiots from Montreal bashing Toronto when there is no basis for it. I see it as just petty jealousy from "wannabes" who can't handle the truth.
How have they all done in the playoffs since 1993???????

Sorry, I should edit this..... how many times HAVE they made the playoffs and created any national pride? Sorry, just asking.....

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