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09-13-2006, 04:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Djee#9 View Post
Emile Bouchard #3 should be there,

the guy is 87 years old, are we waiting for him to die before we honored him?
Good point. If they are going by era, Butch should go first. If a guy like Savard gets his number in the rafters, Bouchard should too. What about Tom Johnson? Jacques Laperriere? Guy Lapointe?

I don't see why Serge should have his number retired, sorry.

And I'm not a big Dryden fan either. I saw him play, I'm not impressed enough to say he should have his number retired. If he played for the Penguins, nobody would even know his name today.

Roy is a bit of a stretch for me too, but he does have those performances in 86 and 93. Any other goalie and we don't win. But his regular season numbers are inflated by playing on defensive teams and then showing up in Colorado at the right time. He didn't show the same level of play in the regular season with a few exceptions.

But I blame management for what happened in 1996. After a series of ridiculous trades, they then started messing with Roy. Roy was the star of the team and they hire a coach (Tremblay) who made a living blasting Roy on the radio. No question Roy has got to go up in the rafters.

What makes it even more insulting to Robinson is that Serge Savard shafted him out of his retirement bonus when Serge was GM. This is the crux of the argument and of Robinson's estrangement from the organization. I think he now wants to be paid to have his number retired because he believes (rightly so if you know the details) that the team owes him money.

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