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Originally Posted by tony d View Post

Roy Worters/Evgeni Nabokov vs. Tom Barasso/Ed Giacomin

Comments: Worters is the best goalie in this series. As I've said in other instances he's a goalie that I think, had he not been stuck on bad teams, would have been regarded on a much higher level. He's going to be a goalie that should steal some games for the Blades. Tom Barasso's a lower end #1 goalie in this but he's still pretty good, his temperament matches your team quite well. Barasso's not as good as Worters but he's still pretty good. Nabokov is a mid level #1 who won't play much due to the presence of Worters but he won't leave our goaltending in dire straits should Worters get injured. Ed Giacomin's pretty good and might be the best backup in the league this year.

So here's how I see it:


Advantage: A close 1 here to Baltimore mainly due to the presence of Roy Worters
Exactly. Really not much to add, other that I think Nabokov is definitely a below-average backup, if not one of the worst in the draft. Giacomin would be the best backup in this draft, other than perhaps Rogatien Vachon. Does it matter much at this poin? Nah!

Originally Posted by tony d View Post

Pat Burns vs. Peter Laviolette/Fr.David Bauer

Comments: In drafting Pat Burns, I got a coach who got the most out of his players. I think Burns and Clarke will get along great the same as Burns and Gilmour did in real life. I think both coaches are going to get the most out of their lineups which will make for a good battle.

How I see it:


Advantage: A close 1 to the Blades here but neither team willl be hurt by its coaching.
Nothing to add on this. Fair assesment.

Originally Posted by tony d View Post
Special Teams:

Due to the toughness of your team I expect there will be a good many power play opportunities for your team. Denneny and Bondra should be the beneficiary of many of Oates passes. The 2nd power play unit for the Blades is pretty good with the net presence in Smyth, the playmaker in Clarke and the goal scorer in Hejduk. Horton and Hartsburg will look good on the defense's back end. The Blade's PK should be pretty good as well. I like your special teams unit but think Greschner should be there on the power play and think Messier should be on either the 2nd PP unit or 2nd PK unit to prevent tiredness as I am doing with Clarke.

Final Thoughts: Looking forward to seeing how this series turns out, while Quebec has the toughness advantage I think this series is close enough in other areas to ensure it'll be a close series, good luck to you guys in this series.
To make it simple: I think the Nordiques own a decent advantage on the PP compared to the Blades, while the Blades owns an advantage on the PK. On your inquiries:

- The Nordiques have a plethora of talented offensive player to use on the PP, and it's hard to fit Ron Greschner on the blueline. He was a great PP quarterback, but was he better than Babe Siebert? Fred Stanfield? Frantisek Pospisil? In our evaluation of our staff, we don't believe he was. Does that mean we should perhaps bench him and use another defenceman, considering we don't use Greschner main asset? For now, we will leave it like that, but perhaps next round we will make a switch.

- We believe Mark Messier is the only forward in the draft that can play 1stES, 1stPP & 1stPK in this draft (base on longevity + talent). Ironically enough, the only other player that could make a case is Bobby Clarke IMO. We're not planning to make any changement in our special team lineup, and we're comfortable with the way it is setup.

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