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04-27-2013, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by backhander View Post
Obviously good point re pro stock, can't argue with you there. Thanks.

- I definitely know I want to stay with Bauer's and the Vapor line...I've tried on other skates and have been in vapors for quite a few years now.

I guess additional info from anyone who may know...would be, going from a 7.5 C width X60 to 7.0 D APX, would anyone see much difference in their opinion?

Obviously, trying them on is one thing (I've done that). Just looking for further insight if it's out there. thx
A D Vapor in retail is about as narrow as you can go, so I would look there for sure and among the higher end models (APX, 7.0, 6.0). If you feel even that is too narrow, I would explore Graf or even Mako before considering custom for example.

Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
I use a pretty shallow cut...5/8. I find I have to sharpen a lot more frequently. Is that normal for a shallower cut?
No, other factors would come into play before cut should and 5/8 isn't particularly shallow. Quality of steel, abnormal wear and tear, mental factors etc.

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