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04-28-2013, 12:46 AM
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First and foremost congrats to Jim Nill. He'll be awesome in his new role. Stars fans should be very happy as Nill will turn that franchise around very quickly. It will be interesting to see how active he is on the trade and UFA route. All I can say is I'm very happy for him.

I wonder if Stevie Y is likely to come to Detroit any time soon. If say Holland plans to move up from the GM spot when his contract ends, would the Wings want to bring Stevie Y back to fill Nill's role before being moved up to GM? That is my hope now that Nill has moved on. Who knows, maybe the Wings want Nill to have experience running another franchise and they could consider him to come back to Detroit when Holland moves on from the GM role. So that's what I will be interested in seeing as far as the likely candidates to eventually replace Holland.

The timing is curious, my guess is Dallas wanted to have Nill in place prior to the draft. Who will handle the draft for Detroit? Time will tell but I'm honestly not sure if they will bring someone from the outside in to handle the draft or will they roll with their current scouting staff. Also, how many scouts/front office/cap manager people will he take with him?

I hate to lose Nill but he's paid his dues and he's been very successful with Detroit. While I'd prefer to have him replace Holland this season over moving on to a new organization, I cannot wish him anything but the best.

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