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04-28-2013, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Volica View Post

I would be happy with either player. They're both fantastic, and will be given all opportunity to demonstrate their worth in the NHL quite soon with the Flames.

Sucks we played out of MacKinnon territory, but, my pillow case shall not absorb a single tear tonight, knowing we'll get one of these fine young players.
Lindholm's not a small guy, Monahan's a bit bigger; Lindholm's more offensively gifted, and just a little rocket out there (takes the body like you wouldn't believe a Swede does LOL), Monahan's an every man leader, high end talent. Both are zone aware, Monahan's got the better ceiling, but the longer fall as well.

Dunno, flip of a coin for me. If your worst case scenario is drafting one of these two, I don't think you can complain at all.
I've seen Monahan enough and I truly believe he tops out as Toews caliber of player in regards to his skill, leadership and other intangibles and I also don't think it is that far of a stretch to think that he gets there.

I havent seen Lindholm nearly as much, but those who have regularly say he's more of a Forsberg type of player rather than Backstrom because he's much more gritty. I think he needs more development obviously of the two to get to that level but it may be worth it.

As you said flip a coin I don't think we can really go wrong with either.

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