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04-28-2013, 06:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
You can say that for any GM that has been here over Timmins' tenure. The fact of the matter is that the GM gets credit for the job well done of ALL their employees, which includes the scouting and drafting. Just like Bergevin will get props in the future if the team drafts well under Timmins.
This post is wrong on so many dimensional levels I feel like I'm in a bad sci-fi novel.

Every GM's record can be picked apart and shown to have made individual moves that were pretty decent. Think Milbury with the Islanders and Howsen with Columbus. You gonna tell me those two were good GMs.

So what differentiates a good GM (Pollock) from a lousy one (Gauthier).


And once you look past that you can see what led to those results. GMs like Bergevin have a vision of the team they want and they know how to get there. Gauthier had no vision & no clue how to get anywhere past the men's room at the Bell. First he went the smurf route and then tried to make a half-a$$ed attempt to bulk up the team.

Here's one simple example of what I mean. And I can give you a dozen more but I haven't got the time.

When Gauthier was here there was not one effing person in charge of player development....not one. Oh sorry, that's right the head scout, Timmins, did it during every blue moon Monday after his lunch break.

Bergevin put two or is it three into that position.

You see the difference. If you did you would realize how ridiculous it is to claim this is 80% Gauthier's when in reality he simply came away from a trade or two without being fleeced and had one or two signings that did not blow up in his face.

P.S. I put Gainey in the same category as Gauthier. No vision and no clue how to get anywhere.

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