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12-31-2003, 01:22 PM
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TB, I'll take your in chunks:

I think that JR makes a point

Well his point is essentially that anything can happen. That may be true, but any GM worth the title runs his team on what will most likely happen, not what "could." Let's face it, if every team had an equal chance in the playoffs, NO ONE except those mathematically eliminated would bother to make trades for the future.

JR is right on when he says that a hot goalie is the difference in the playoffs.

See the stats on the "hot" goaltenders from last year. They were no more hot in the playoffs than they were in the regular season. If the Blueshirts had a goalie with numbers like Giguere's regular season numbers last year, you wouldn't hear me stating so strongly that they won't beat the elite. But the Rangers don't have that goalie.

Philly's may be a better team than us, however their goaltending situation has sunk them every single season since Hextall was a rookie. Clarke has done nothing to fix this. Unless you consider Hackjob a goalie a team can ride.

But this flies in the face of your own argument! You state that the only thing that needs to happen is for a goalie to get hot, and let's face it, ANY goalie can get hot. Therefore the caliber of Philly's net minding should not play into your analysis of their chances. They don't need a good goalie, they only need a hot one, yes?

And everone's darlings, the Senators, have not shown that they have what it takes to win in the playoffsl They have not shown that they can give what is necessary to give in order to win.

Tell that to the Flyers, but putting that aside for a moment let's put the Sens into your world. What if the Sens get the hot goalie? Suddenly they're better than everyone else and their past history is out the window.

Don't you see that by pointing to a team's history you're on my side of the fence? If you say, "Based on this performance we can expect that," you're saying exactly what I'm saying.

Toronto is also a better team than us. However, the 4 games that we just played against them were closer than they look. First of all, at least 2 of the first 3 games were decided by refs. Those first 3 game were easily the most one-sided refed games that I may have ever seen.

I'm not going to even touch that particular can of worms.

No point in discussing the Devils as they are in a different statospehre than us.

Whoa! This is in flat contradiction to JR's point! He actually took pains to point out that Carolina beat the Devils two seasons ago, and that we might therefore expect the Rangers to do the same. if you state that there's such a huge difference between these two teams that it's not even worth discussing a matchup, you're very definitely on my side of the fence, TB.

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