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04-28-2013, 08:45 AM
Yay hockey!
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Originally Posted by PensFan6687 View Post
I wouldn't say I am a fan (eh, maybe I am), I respect the guys' game and I think it was ignorant and narrow minded of some to say he was finished or done. Ovie isn't the first great player to be in a funk (and what's funny is last year was considered part of that funk, yet he still put up 38 goals). People forget easily, but I do appreciate his game, and he is fun to watch. I just don't care for the neon laces, the tinted visor, the fact he tucks his jersey in his pants. Then again, he is just trying to be different. And he's not hurting anyone.. see even when I want to fault the guy for something, I can't. I am an odd fan.

Seriously, how can you really dislike a guy who makes kids smile. Scores goals at an insane rate in a league that doesn't give too much room like the offensive hayday of the 80's, or the flip flopping scrawny goalies who had next-to-no technical value to their game compared to today. Or the fact he hits you like a freight train. Plus I snicker when all my Caps fan friends around me have pretty much given up and I say he's still good.. My one friend, didn't even wear his Ovechkin 8 Caps jersey to the 6-1 pounding that you gave to the Jets game. I looked over to my friend, and I said, is it weird that the Crosby fan is telling you, I told you so about Ovie? I love irony.

And the more I see him play the more I am actually finding myself entertained, so maybe I am warming up.... But let it be known, I loathe the Philadelphia Flyers and Claude Giroux.
Fair enough And don't worry; we have no love for the Flyers (except our beat writer ).

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