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04-28-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
Guys, congratulations on a terrific run. You have really pushed for it, and I really wanted you to make it, and not those underachieving Minnesota Millionaires. You have all the ingredients to make a splash next year. Good luck!
Yep, same thing I thought. I'm a Blues fan and was bummed Minnesota and Detroit made it over Columbus. I was rooting for the Jackets because of how awesome it was coming together for them this year and especially since acquiring Gamborik.

Sad that a team that spent a bazillion dollars got in over a true team play team. Oh well I figure Minnesota is going to get trounced anyways. After watching what Edmonton did to them at home, I can only imaging what the Hawks will do to them in Chicago. Aww well, two of the guys there can pay for every ones golf this summer lol.

Sorry Jackets, no worries as I said again. Your day is coming and its looking pretty good so far. You will be happy when the cap goes down and your management didn't tie up the whole thing on two guys. Team play is way better. Have a great day, brighter days are ahead.

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