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04-28-2013, 10:41 AM
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The Habs are down to 33 days to sign Nygren, Pribyl, and Archambault. Will be interesting to see what they do in each.

Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
One thing that has been surprising is that we have room to sign 4-5 NCAA and CHL FA's and have not signed any yet. A guy like Fournier of Halifax would be a good fit, maybe an NCAA FA goalie.
I thought they would add a FA or two but I know in the NCAA it wasn't all that good of a FA class. Hopefully they find some good FA's to invite to the development camp. Perhaps they ink Alex Belzile to an NHL contract as he seemed to play well enough. I am interested to see if the goalie situation is improved or not, as we still lack depth on the farm as Delmas is running out of time since next season is the final of his contract and with Tokarski as a healthy scratch in 2 of the final 3 games I do wonder what the plan will be after Price/Budaj.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Better off PLAYING in the SEL if he ends up PLAYING. Personnally, don't really buy the "but his junior coach will now coach him" stuff as this coach will also have to win and have the vets on his side. Collberg might the advantage of that coach knowing him more but if he has a rocky start, he will again visit the bench. I want a place where he'll play. If it's in the SEL, well so be it. If not, well Hamilton it is. And it is a young team because our organization wants it to be. You could easily make it less young, send a few prospect in the ECHL, and hire the appropriate vets. If they're intelligent this time around, that's what they'll do. If Hamilton is REALLY a farm team for the NHL team, you have no need in having guys like Corbin, Ross, Stortini, Hagel, Lefebvre, Fortier, Chaput, DeSantis and maybe even Nokelainen. Then you might send guys like Quailer and Stejskal in the ECHL. It leaves PLENTY of room for some good AHL vets possible callups for the NHL but mostly good teaches for the kids.
Agreed, wherever Collberg plays next season I just hope he gets a lot of ice time and that he puts on a show in Sweden for the WJC's!

Will be very interesting to see what changes are made in Hamilton, adding Kristo and Dietz, +++ should be fun to see plus any other moves. Some vets would be smart to mix with all the youth. I would bring Stortini back if they can't upgrade his spot as im not worried about him taking ice time away from a prospect since he's on the 4th line and they need someone who is willing to drop the gloves.

Originally Posted by Franck View Post
Frölunda have cleaned out the team of a lot of veterans and are going to have a very young team next year. Collberg is going to get plenty of opportunity to earn ice time, not just because Rönnberg is behind the bench.
Interesting, if he's back in the SEL then I hope he gets a good bit of ice time and shows what he can do. It doesn't matter to me if he plays in the SEL or the AHL or even the CHL if the Habs felt that was best for him. Whatever root he takes I just want to see him play a lot and do well, if he's in Hamilton though at least I would get to see him play every game which would be a lot of fun as he looks like he could be a special player one day.

Originally Posted by HCH View Post
I tend to agree but you're throwing Corbin under the bus at a pretty young age. He still hasn't seen his 21st birthday, has good size and must have shown enough to warrant a contract in the first place. Should we not give him one more year?
I would be surprised if he got an NHL contract from the Habs.

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