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04-28-2013, 11:00 AM
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We play on a television network called msg.
The hockey night live show features a devil, a ranger, and a Jaffe, or sometimes a Flatley
Spin the roulette wheel to find out which channel we are on any given night
You would have to turn 14 pages into the sports section of newsday(the long island newspaper) before you saw the be honest not biased, it is usually more than 14 pages. I think because of the mention of playoffs we were ahead of baseball.Today we were after the possibility of Miller leaving
Buffalo article.
The rags traded up in front of us in 08 to take Marc staal and we got a dud.( just venting)
I went to the 1983 game at the coliseum when I was a kid.We did just fine without help from the rangers.
The islanders and rangers should never ever co- host anything
We may have a Wang but you have a Dolan. Enough said, my meds are kicking in

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