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04-28-2013, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
You seriously can't see the difference?

Staal has THREE brothers on the team. Three. He grew up with these guys and parental influence has a lot to play in part of decisions by professional athletes. See Eric Lindros, Scott Neidermayer, Colby Rasmus.

In no way is it comparable with the Lundqvists since Joel isn't even on an NHL team. And what does Callahan have anything to do with the Sabres? None of these are remotely comparable.
Yes they are. You don't know what Marc wants. For Scott N, he left NJ because the devils weren't able to agree on a deal/contract. He didn't do it cause Rob was there. You are making baseless claims. Unless you can read minds, or if Marc has reached out to you, no one knows what he wants except him. You say parental influence... Then why doesn't Callahan play closer to Roch? His parents could come out easier. Same with Hank.

We can talk about this again when he is becoming a free agent. For now, let him heal, let him come back, and he plays for us for another season.

Edit: For your sake, Buffalo is 45 to an hour from Rochester. So by your theory, if Cally's folks wanted him closer, he would just do it right?

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