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04-28-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Devils offered Neidermayer the max contract.

He jumped ship because he want to go to his brother.

Hank's brother plays in the SEL, it's not even remotely comparable. He won't leave the NHL making 100x the salary to go with his brother.

Callahan's closer to family? This reminds me of the talk that all GTA born players want to go back to Toronto to be closer to family. Rarely does this happen. Callahan has no one on the team he's related to, unlike Staal.

With the Staals, it's different. Jordan forced his way to a trade there. You'd be crazy to turn down an offer to play alongside brothers you grew up with.
It is though. You said parents and family influence a lot right? Well then Callahans family should've told him to play in buffalo. And, I am sorry but you're wrong about Scott... I say this because I know a hell of a lot more devils fans, and the fact that People I knew worked on the inside told me otherwise; meaning that the Devils and him just weren't going to work. He was also aging. Yeah, Lou offered him big money, but on the whole NJ didn't even have a lot of funds. So no, he didn't leave cause Rob was telling him to come there. Baseless. Until its FA or deadline time next year, no one knows. You don't.

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