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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
Bob has looked great in Columbus for this half season and Mason has looked great in Philly for his half dozen games or whatever but goalie performance is so volatile I wouldn't trust either one too much. I feel like only truly generational talents are consistent from year to year (Lundqvist, Brodeur of 5 years ago, Roy, Hasek, etc.). Everyone else fluctuates through hot streaks and cold streaks depending on some combination of their inherent skill, puck luck, and the defense in front of them. That's why I've always been a proponent of the goalie by committee approach.

If you have two capable but not big name goaltenders they always are being pushed to be at their best by the competition, they are both on relatively cheap deals, and you have double the chance of finding a hot goalie for a playoff run which is all that really matters anyway. Look at Holtby last year, or hell even Quick who won a Conn Smythe for his insane playoff run then regressed to have a save % of barely over .900 this year despite playing behind one of the best puck possession teams in the league. Speaking of Conn Smythe winners, how about Cam Ward who took his team to the Cup, signed a big deal, and has been a middle of the pack goalie ever since? Or JS Giguere who was so good he won the Conn Smythe on the losing team then promptly became a career backup? Doesn't Brian Boucher still hold the consecutive shutout record of the last 30 years?

Unless you have a generational goalie, they are like closers in baseball or kickers in football. Better off investing in the team in front of them and hoping one of them gets hot at the right time than locking one down long term. Bryz is almost definitely getting amnestied next summer, I just hope they don't replace his contract with another big one no matter who it goes to.
Quick didn't regress, he had back surgery and it took him up till the past ten games or so to get back to where he was last year.

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