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Originally Posted by The Zetterberg Era View Post
^I actually thought Quincey played one of his best games all year yesterday. Really his only standard Quincey plays was skating right into getting rocked at the end of the second. Plus him and Smith losing gap control for a split second and it allowing the lane, although Smith dove and broke up the half breakaway. But his stick was very active yesterday.

They play some decent D these days and yes Howard has a lot to do with it. The strategy is part of where the offense has gone though for much of the season. I don't care so long as they win, but bunker hockey generally gets in you in far bigger trouble once the losing starts because it isn't much fun to watch.
my beef with Q is that he is a finished product. I think his potential for growth is basically nil at this point. Not only he is an older player, I barely saw any improvement yesterday from last season. Well he was bit more in sync with the team but given the fact that he got to play a whole season now, it is expected.

yeah our other Dmen werent lidstrom either but the fact that we gave up our 1st rd pick for Quincey is another reason why I dont have much love for him. Anytime he was off position or losing assignment after light rotation from dallas forwards, it makes me wonder 'ok he is pretty much who he is at this point. and was this guy really worth 1st rd pick?'

Maybe I was bit harsh. Afterall we allowed 0 goal yesterday. Maybe he just allowed chances that he knew Howard can stop it. Though it didnt look like that yesterday. It looked like same Quincey who gets mesmerized by puck and dont have much speed.

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