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04-28-2013, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Townsend Beasley View Post
Nope, I'm not.

I'm saying it's clear that Ken Holland feels he has more to give to only NHL organization he's ever worked for.

If you're so altruistic that you can leave your job-your professional life for the last X amount of years-for whatever made up reason....

then you can always PM me a copy of your 2 weeks notice.

PS: Source for the second bolded part?
It has been said for years that he was Kenny replacement, that is why Stevie went to Tampa, he was not next in line for the GM spot here.
Kenny all so said he would retire when Nick did, I ask again is it such a bad thing to make Ken the pres and Jim the GM? Kenny would still be able to contribute to the team, working hand and hand with the guy he has trained for 15 yrs.

If all you have is a hard on to keep Kenny there that is fine, I am not saying he has to leave the team just move up is that a bad thing?

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