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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
What amazing transactions have the Red Wings done? How about get into the playoffs for 21 straight years.

Or how about getting the most out of veterans? Bert has been more than serviceable for them, and considering how he was broken down, that's pretty fantastic.

Or how about developing prospects. They will let a prospect develop until that prospect is truly ready for the big leagues. Look what they did with Ericsson and Kindl. Took their sweet time with them, and now they've got a nice pair of second pairing D-man(at worst). Post Nik Lidstrom, this season that team gave up the least number of ES GA in the entire league.

I know HF is very 'what have you done for me lately', and the fact that they haven't found another Datsyuk or Lidstrom or Z is outrageous, this franchise kept up a level of success for the past 2 decades that has rarely been seen in sports. Jim Nill has been a big part of that. Obviously we won't know what parts intimately, but to say they haven't done much since after drafting Dats, Z and Nik is a little absurd.

Again, I'll give MacT a chance. No reason not to, but passing on Nill who ticked a ton of boxes for us, is tough to swallow. I honestly didn't think he'd be open to move.
Kinda playing devil's advocate here, but my response to your points would be:

- Getting into the playoffs for 21 straight years is remarkable, but it's also a bit of a fluke. Credit where it's due, but there was insane amounts of luck involved, especially with drafting. To go from Yzerman-Fedorov-Shanahan-Lidstrom to Datsyuk-Zetterberg-Lidstrom is a luxury a lot of teams don't get. Now that a piece has finally retired that they weren't able to place (Lidstrom) they're slipping. They're also no longer the promised land for UFAs who want a chance at a cup. The Red Wings are very much on the decline and Nill wasn't able to stop the bleeding this time around.

- I'm not sure we could give credit to Nill for Bertuzzi's resurgence (that might be more of a Babcock thing), although management does get kudos for giving him a shot in the first place.

- Developing prospects that way is something you can only really do if you're at the top of the standings. Even bubble playoff teams sometimes need to fill holes from within the system, and often prematurely. That never really seemed to be a need with Detroit at the top of the standings year after year.

- Todd McLellan was supposed to be a prime head coaching candidate because of his time with Detroit, but he's been kind of "meh" in San Jose.

I definitely don't think Nill would have been a bad choice by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think his #1 attribute is that he worked for the Red Wings when they were powerhouses. That makes me a bit nervous, because it's tough to specifically assign credit for certain moves to the assistant GM... and again, there were barrels of luck involved.

I guess what I like about MacT is that he's coached with a short bench before and he knows how important it is to get players who can actually play NHL minutes behind your first line. He also knows how hard it is to acquire guys like Yakupov and Hall. So even though Nill was available, I'm not necessarily sure that he was a superior choice to MacTavish.

Time will tell though - if Dallas wins a cup with Nill as GM before we do this will look pretty bad.

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