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04-28-2013, 02:23 PM
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Not going to keep wasting time on an issue that's really just conjecture about something years away. Guys like Freidman and Brooks are talking about it because it's got all the makings of a disney movie, and sensational stories sell papers. But I'll say this before bowing out...I never said the only way the Rangers can win a championship is with Marc Staal. I said that he's one of the most important pieces of the team, and as such they won't be dealing him for picks and prospects who may or may not ever be as good as him, and certainly won't help us win NOW. This team might not beat the caps without him. They might not beat the caps with him...but I feel a lot better about our chances with him in the lineup. He's a prize of the organization, and he's not being traded next month. If the organization feels they need to move assets to land more offense I think the guy we should be talking about is Girardi. He'll be the odd man out if it comes to that. But that's a different discussion.
two years is not a long time away.

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