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04-28-2013, 02:37 PM
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For a final review of how the team performed, I put together the pro-rated numbers over a full season (minus games missed for injury, minors time, etc.). To qualify to appear here, a player must have been able to play at least 41 games over the "full" season (which means a minimum of 7 GP). Ties in PPG are broken by an extra decimal place.

First, the forwards:
C. Wilson591728450.76
P. Hornqvist581024340.58
M. Fisher721921400.56
D. Legwand822122430.52
G. Bourque682210320.47
T. Beck50913220.44
D. Bang42017170.40
S. Kostitsyn80521260.33
B. Butler68814220.32
M. Halischuk711012220.31
C. Mueller5277140.288
N. Spaling81167230.284
C. Smith78714210.27
B. Yip68610160.24
P. Gaustad5757120.21
R. Clune8179160.20

The defensemen:
S. Weber821533480.59
R. Josi82922310.38
K. Klein81519240.30
V. Bartley58017170.29
J. Blum69212140.20
R. Ellis6648120.18
H. Gill660000.00

And the team, built by PPG:

Smith, Yip


For comparison to mid-season paces, here's February 19th (only players with a point at the time are shown):

C. Wilson822636620.76
P. Hornqvist721248600.83
J. Blum75833410.55
M. Fisher821515300.37
D. Legwand821515300.37
S. Kostitsyn821020300.37
R. Ellis821020300.37
G. Bourque801711280.35
B. Yip801117280.35
S. Weber821015250.30
K. Klein82520250.30
N. Spaling82155200.24
P. Gaustad79612180.23
R. Josi82010100.12
C. Smith82010100.12
R. Clune816060.07
M. Halischuk770660.08

And here's March 24th, sans Wilson, Gaustad, and Hornqvist (all on IR at the time):

T. Beck522626521.00
S. Weber821533480.59
M. Fisher822321440.54
D. Legwand821821390.4756
G. Bourque802711380.4750
S. Kostitsyn80524290.36
R. Josi821120310.37
C. Mueller541414280.52
C. Smith80816240.300
N. Spaling81168240.296
J. Blum72418220.31
B. Yip76912210.27
M. Halischuk73613190.26
B. Butler73316190.26
K. Klein82314170.21
R. Clune8188160.20
R. Ellis81510150.19
V. Bartley590770.12

Obviously not a perfect mode of analysis, but it's interesting to see how Legwand and Fisher got better as the season went along and, ultimately, had seasons right about on par with what they normally do. It kind of reinforces what we're all thinking about our offense, and about the injuries that really derailed the team in the second half of the season.

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