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Memorandum of elimination tourney comportment (PLAYOFF RULES REMINDER)(GM 7 REMINDER)

And now, a brief message from Lord Joseph of Passington

Greetings good sirs and madams,

My court astronomers inform me that the period of time in which the assorted fiefdoms of sporting allegiances from across the land gather to host a contest by which only one kingdom will remain intact to claim the rightful prize denoting the highest level of success.

To wit, it is perhaps pertinent to address the proscribed code of conduct by which all participants on this electronic locus of discussion (be they denizens of this region or expatriates acting as dignitaries from other areas) must comport themselves should they wish to avoid most unfortunate ramifications...


.....*ahem* alright, that's probably enough of that. We need to make sure that everyone understands what's being said, regardless of entertainment value.

So here we go

First and foremost, read this:

The site rules have changed very little in the 8 years I've been here. So there's no excuse for anyone to not know the entirety of the rules.




Do not respond to posters you think are trolling.

Do not flame back at other posters you think flamed you or your fellow Shark posters.

Do not post to tell others that you're going to report them or that the mods will deal with them.

Do not send the mods a PM about a problem post/poster.

Just use the report button, explain why you're reporting the post in the box provided, and move on.

Every poster who attacks instead of reporting just makes more work for the mods and makes it harder for us to stay on top of things.

2) The neutral playoff board ( always uses the home team GDT for each playoff game. That means that Games 3, 4, and 6* (*if necessary) will copy the 1st post of the Sharks board GDT for use there.

With that in mind, if you sign up to create one of those GDTs, keep in mind that it should be appropriate viewing for all fanbases, including the Kings. That doesn't mean that you can't have fun, but clear-cut trolling, mocking, or bashing of the opposition shouldn't be used. If a GDT is deemed unsuitable for the playoff board, it will not be copied an their GDT will be blank/minimal content. Nobody wants that. We want to showcase our great GDTers.

Playoff board mods will come copy the GDT on their own. You don't need to put it on the PO board yourself.

3) Outside fans, Kings fans included, are welcome to post here provided they are within the rules. Do not tell anyone to GTFO or treat them like they shouldn't be here. If you don't want to interact with them, just don't say anything.

4) FANBASE BASHING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED OR ALLOWED TO ANY DEGREE. Do not post about how much you hate fans of the Kings (or any team) or fans from a certain country/state/province. You can roast the teams themselves all you want, but you cannot trash the fans. Given the animosity that can happen between us and Kings fans, this rule will be enforced to the utmost.

5) Do not go to the Kings board or the playoff board or anywhere else and bring back posts from threads there to dissect, mock, rant about, or trash on the Sharks board. What gets said on other boards is the business of the other boards and not ours.


1) You're welcome to be here. We generally pride ourselves on being a fun, open board that is welcoming to visitors. But keep in mind that during the playoffs emotions will be high and there is going to be a certain level of pro-shark bias and anti-King sentiment. If this might be an issue for you, it's probably best to go to the playoff board or your own board instead.

2) If you choose to stay, please be extra, extra respectful of the Sharks fans. If you post in a sarcastic or flippant manner, make sure there is no room for misinterpretation.

3) Like rule #5 for Sharks fans above, don't come here to spy on the Sharks posters and take posts back to your own board.


1) All mods have jurisdiction over their own sections of the site. We will not protect Shark posters from the decisions of moderators on other areas of the site, and Kings mods will not protect Los Angeles posters from discipline they may receive here. The mods also routinely talk to one another and all mods see all reports filed, so troublesome posters on one board will be brought to the attention of mods on the other.

Moderators will not rescind or overrule the decisions of local mods from elsewhere on the site, even if the issuing mod is a normal (blue) moderator and one of us is a global (purple) mod. regional jurisdiction trumps senority/rank.

2) Thread and forum bans will be used liberally to deal with problem posters. If you show you can't function in the GDT, you will be banned from it. If you become a recurring problem, you will be banned from the forum.

3) If you have any issues with a moderator or with any discipline you received, you have two options: 1) Send a polite PM to that moderator explaining your problem and try to work it out with them. or 2) send an e-mail to where an admin/team leader will see it and address it.

If you have a problem with a mod, don't go to another mod to complain about it. And no matter who you choose to have address the issue, be polite and respectful. Do not send angry ranting PMs or e-mails. Do not threaten. Do not be abrasive or abusive. Those will almost certainly hurt your case.

4) Consider this thread your one and only warning about conduct expectations. "I didn't know!" is no longer a viable excuse. Not that it ever was to begin with. Do not expect any leniency, especially on issues discussed in this thread. It does not matter if your account is 10 days old or 10 years old.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to PM one of us. We'll do our best to address any concerns you might have.

thank you, and enjoy the playoffs

The San Jose Sharks board moderating team (Spin, USF, Slo, and myself)


...and with that, I believe we have sufficiently covered all eventualities and expectations of comportment that requires address at this juncture. So long as all participants abide by the stipulations outlined in this edict, it is my firm belief that there will be ample opportunity for maximum enjoyment. Mmmyes, indeed.

Lord Joseph of Passington


"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows..."

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