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04-28-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by gojacketsgo61 View Post
When I played hockey, if a non-important game was going to run into the next games ice time, they would run the time during breaks in the third. This only happened a couple times in a season though.

If they're taking time away due your ice time cutting into another's, then I get what they're doing. They want those who paid for the ice the next hour or whatever it is, get the ice for a reasonable amount o f time. However, if they continuously do this, something is wrong. Seven minutes sounds like a lot too. The few times my games got "Curfewed", there would be only 20 seconds to at most a minute left in the game.
How exactly would it be fair though? Shaving off time so the next slot can get a reasonable time? Why does it have to be the OP's time that gets screwed when the next slot gets the full hour? The only one to blame when it comes to ice time getting backed up is the ones running the rink, be it the zamboni drivers or the guy managing the slots. Everybody should get the full time that they paid for.

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