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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Guy, his stride noticeably improved as the game went on. Practice to game is a different ball game. His skating will likely improve game to game and so will his comfort in game play. And when the playoffs hit, adrenaline could take over.

Generally speaking, I don't think there's much point in creating expectations one way or another. He'll probably get better, it only makes sense after 2 months off of game play. But how much is really up in the air. But ya, I wouldn't underestimate the different playoff adrenaline could make....players play through injuries normal people wouldn't be able to walk with through playoffs. Often times you can't even tell. And by all account, the achilles itself is 100% healed...but when you have an injury that affects your daily movement, just walking, its gonna take time to develop trust in it...but maybe not long. When I ruptured my spleen, I coughed cautiously for almost a year after it was fully healed, when it wasn't healed, it was awkward to cough. Now I'm not suggesting that it will take that long to get comfortable, had I been in elite coughing competitions, I'd have probably got my act together real fast. Especially if I was going head on to the championship round.
First off, not a guy.

But... I think you misunderstand what my point is.

This is Karlsson at his worst. Essentially. I agree that he did get better, but its nothing what he was like. And it shouldn't be expected that he will be.

I don't expect his skating to be back to pre-injury until he has an offseason of training. And I don't think that is at all unrealistic to think. He would have lost nearly all his surrounding muscle in that leg, and it will take quite a while to build up again. Plus getting used to Kevlar socks at the same time (which I know Karlsson stated he didn't like them because of how he felt skating with them).

I think the most we can expect from Karlsson at this point is great hockey IQ, help on the PP and some great passes and point shots. Beyond that, whatever he does is an absolutely miracle!

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