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04-28-2013, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Renner View Post
lol@Lucic fighting guys like Aulie. God that guy makes me sick how he ducks all the heavies in the league as much as he can and fights guys like Keith Aulie.

I dont really care the Bruins fans will cry their eyes out but Lucic has become a disgrace. This guy constantly fights weaker players or guys he knows he can win against and ducks guys like Scott, Orr etc etc etc

Funny how he runs around like a loose cannon against the old sabres and tries to fight Gaustad et al. But when he plays tough teams like NYI or TML...he is no where to be seen.

Not to say I wouldnt mind him on my team but the ducking has become way too obvious with this guy. Its blatant.
All of your posts: 'I like Lucic but MAN does he suck!!!!11!11!'

Using words like constantly, blatantly, obvious, disgrace.... just give it up.

He "ducked" Laraque years ago leading to a Bruins playoff win. Big whoop. Most heavies out there don't even bother trying to engage Lucic anymore in his career, he is a top 6 powerforward who is only going to fight when something pisses him off. Heavies don't look for that, they stick to the staged fights.

He'd be flat out stupid to start fighting all of your useless goons as well, and I personally love when Lucic fights. But it is a 100% total waste for him to go fight Scott and Orr who can literally barely skate better than a toddler. Thornton is paid a half million dollars to do that for him.

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