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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
I think the reason people are somewhat upset is that in this draft, while its deep, is extremely top heavy. Most would agree that the difference, at the moment anyway, between players like Barkov, Valeri, Lindholm and Nurse are pretty big compared to Domi, Hovart, Pulock, etc etc. Plus having a high pick gives u a better chance in the 2nd to pick up a guy who might have fallen out of the first.
I know what you mean, but in 5 years time, like at every draft, the order would be different if re-done... and the difference in 4 picks in that range is nominal % wise, there is just as much chance the person taken 11th is better than the 8th as there is the other way round.

1990: #8 Hatcher better than #11 Kidd
1991: #11 Rolston better than #8 Matvichuk
1992: Both no NHL impact.
1993: #11 Brendan Witt better than #8 Sundstrom
1994: #11 Friesen better than #8 Wiemer
1995: #11 Iginla better than #8 Terry Ryan
1996: Both had little NHL impact.
1997: #8 Samsonov better than #11 Jason Ward
1998: #8 Mark Bell better than #11 Jeff Hereema
1999: #8 Pyatt better than #11 Saprykin
2000: #11 Vorobiev arguably better than #8 Alexeev
2001: Leclaire and Sjostrom... pretty even tbh, I can't decide who is better!
2002: #8 Pierre-Marc Bouchard arguably better than #11 Keith Ballard
2003: #11 Jeff Carter better than #8 Coburn, though hard to compare
2004: Tukonen and Picard... neither have had any impact tbh
2005: #11 Kopitar better than #8 Setoguchi
2006: Mueller and Bernier, hard to say, both pretty even though most here would say Bernier, he is still not proven
2007: #11 Sutter better than #8 Hamill
2008: #8 Boedker better than #11 Kyle Beach

So from 1990-2008 the 11th was better than the 8th 8 times to 6, 5 times pretty even... so if anything 11th is a better position to pick.

There is also literally no difference between picking 30th or 50th from a statistical standpoint, though the last 10 of the 2nd there is a big drop.

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