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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
How exactly would it be fair though? Shaving off time so the next slot can get a reasonable time? Why does it have to be the OP's time that gets screwed when the next slot gets the full hour? The only one to blame when it comes to ice time getting backed up is the ones running the rink, be it the zamboni drivers or the guy managing the slots. Everybody should get the full time that they paid for.
It's not the rinks fault a game takes longer to finish than the scheduled 50 minutes. Most leagues at least around the GTA are stop time so if you get an injury, a lot of penalties or even just a sloppy game with lots of stoppages you end up behind. There are only a few options the rink can do... just kick teams off at the 50 minute mark which is ridiculous imo but apparently happens in other areas pretty often, run the clock which makes sense to some degree or try to catch up naturally by letting the play go. I've actually never heard of this "shaving the clock" where the time keeper is manually taking time off as the game is going on.

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