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04-28-2013, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I agree with you.

To win hockey games, yes, you need offense. If you have two lines producing most of the offense, great. If you have three lines producing offense, even better.

But you also need defense from your forwards. Pacioretty and Bourque with DD at least gives that line a chance at playing D. Ryder and Gionta with DD would be a defensive nightmare for the Habs.

If DD is traded in the offseason, then there would be more options. But he is here and Therrien has to make it work.

Eller on the third is far more valuable to the Habs for the defense that he brings than bumping DD down to that role that he physically cannot match Eller.
Where does it say that the 3rd line absolutely has to be the one getting the defensive duties?

I know it used to be the good old conservative way, 1st line, 2nd line, checking line, energy line. But the only thing that really determines which line is which are the ice time and quality of players.
Eller's line could get top 6 ice time and still have defensive duties.

I mean, Plekanec always faces the toughest match ups and he's not on the 3rd line.
So I don't see why DD would suddenly be used as a checking center just because he gets less ice time.

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