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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
I think with the Leafs, one poster (who's name escapes me( combines the "when Leafs won the cup" with "Burn the Boats" in the same one-so you use two themes.

The problem again being the size-if there were some way to scale down the size a combination of the two themes would still work and make both "groups" happy

Personally, if asked in a poll, I think the "last time" ones are quite funny, but also understand how much the "burn the boats" has been a bonding for Leaf fans this year-tough choice.
mine maybe.

I recommended the idea on the Leafs board and nobody responded so I made one myself(which turned out to be too big, and then thepuckmonster made me one that fit under the KB requirements.

It might seem a little too busy though. But I'll explain anyway.

I wanted both themes, so I went with the last time they were in the playoffs fenwick didn't exist(because of all the advanced stats Leafs haters saying they suck because of their garbage fenwick).

Then we have Caryle frame basically it's a garbage stat that means nothing. And then a frame with a "whatever floats your boat" refernece except it's burns your boats instead because of the leafs slogan this season

and here are my 2 original ones which were too big

I might just switch to one of the othere Leafs ones when the playoffs start though, to show unity with my fellow Leafs fans

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