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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
1. I think Gustafsson, at this rate, is going to develop into a more defensively responsible version of Carle, perhaps lacking slightly in offensive abilities. That's not a big issue though, since he could really be far more sound, and he really could become a guy who can control the pace of the game a little better. He's a top 4 guy.

2. Though you didn't mention him, Gostisbehere has got to be a guy everyone is excited about. He's a steady two-way guy siding slightly toward the PMD aspect of the game. He's easily number two on any list discussing young defensemen within the organization. He's got top 4 potential definitely.

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3. I throw Manning in here. He's a physical two-way guy who can really do a lot to help a blueline. Yes, he's had a regressive year, but we all saw what happened to Bourdon's developmental schedule. I really like Manning's gameplay, and I think out of the rest he's got the 3rd best shot at becoming something significant. Reasonably he's got potential for a 4-6 guy.

4. As much as everyone loves Lauridsen, I still feel that he is what he is. The only reason I'm putting him at 4 above Bourdon and Alt is because Bourdon has some serious concussion issues to work out and Alt really regressed this past year. At best he projects to be a 5-7 guy. We'll wait and see what happens, but it is hard to believe he's on the Flyers next year unless Grossmann has problems recovering from his concussion.

5. Mark Alt. I'll throw him in here. He was raw going into college, and he is raw coming into the pro game. He's had a seriously bad regressive year, but before that year he was developing as projected. I like his abilities, but we will have to wait and see how things go for him with a full year of AHL under his belt. He can go anywhere from top 4 at the very best to absolutely nothing.

6. Bourdon vs. Alt was an interesting battle for me. Bourdon has shown some real NHL potential and has proven he can hack it more than anyone on this list not named Gustafsson. Those concussions are extremely alarming. He could be a real 4-6 guy similar to Manning, but we have to wait to see how his concussion issues progress.

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7. Konan is an interesting thing because he's the one who seemingly came out of nowhere. He was not playing particularly outstanding hockey in Glens Falls, but he definitely was not the source of their issues. I was kind of shocked he got called up for practices to be honest. He's my darkhorse, but I don't see him having the potential to be more than a 5-7 guy down the road with the likelihood being that he does not pan out.

8-15. Kessel is whatever at this point. As is Hostetter. Luukko is a patience game, but I don't see much NHL potential in him either. Suellentrop won't be signed so that's not a point to discuss either. Eddy has been a cool story, but he's an AHLer. Vasiliev, Larsson, and Willcox need more time in the pool to establish their real impact potential.
Really liked your take on each defenseman. For the piece, I wanted to focus on those prospect defenseman who played for the Flyers this season. I obviously like Gostisbehere a ton and Alt's potential, but the focus of the article is those who contributed something to the NHL team this season.

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