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04-28-2013, 06:17 PM
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I got a whopping 0 replies from Caps fans when I posted this, but when I just said Stepan might be the best 2 way player in this series with no evidence I got ripped to shreds. How quick they run back into their hole when proven wrong

Caps fans amuse me.

Originally Posted by li97 View Post
Would I take Stepan over Backstrom? **** no. Not on one shortened season of play. He has a better track record, and brings more speed to the game which is my style of play. But right now, its really not that absurd to say Derek Stepan might be the best two way player between these two teams.

First off, Stepan doesn't have the prolific powerplay to feed off of that Backstrom and Ribiero have. Stepan has a total of 10 powerplay points versus Backstrom's 18 and Ribiero's 27 (). What he also doesn't have is Ovechkin, who just scored 32 goals in a shortened season on his wing and might be the best offensive player in hockey right now. (Dont know whether Ribiero or Backstrom plays with him but the point still stands.)

Second, Stepan plays more shorthanded minutes than both Backstrom and Ribiero. Stepan is the go-to guy on the penalty kill along with Callahan. If Backstrom was so much better defensively as everyone here is claiming, then why is the Capitals PK so bad? Isn't he the go-to guy on the PK? If he is, like he should be from what everyone saying, then why is their PK 26th in the league?

And again, I said Stepan MIGHT be the best two way player between the two teams. It's not as black and white as everyone is making it seem. Stepan had an awful start to the season, and if not for that he would be well above the PPG mark.

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