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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
From my perspective it's Pavel's iron like strength. And smarts. His forechecking and steals in the offensive zone are the best. He is such a dangerous player. I am obsessed with the guy. I feel like every single time he touches the puck something unique happens. I watch a fair amount of NHL games and while I understand the argument of #1, 2, etc, for me I see Datsyuk do such amazing little things and play with such power that he is my clear favorite.

Datsyuk has gotten really physical this year as well. What a role model. He finishes checks all the way, big mean body checks. I thought it might have been out of frustration but I think he just plays a perfect game.
Pav is my favorite player ever and it's been amazing watching him develop all the facets of his game. He plays the game like I've never seen before from a stylistic/skill perspective.

But offensively speaking, Crosby is similar to Datsyuk when Datsyuk is on his "A" game. The Datsyuk we seen this season in Nashville, Vancouver, and the last week of the season, Crosby has that type of impact game in and game out when he's playing. He just dominates the puck and creates opportunities on a shift by shift basis.

Datsyuk is flat out better defensively and without the puck, but his offensive game isn't consistently dominant enough to put him #1 IMO.

If Datsyuk had his "A" offensive game all of them time there's no question he'd be the best player in the world in my mind. We seen how dominant he was in the 2011 playoffs. But too many nights he plays too conservatively and doesn't attack enough.

That's just my opinion though I guess.

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