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Process to become a STH?

First off, this is a great site, google gave me a gem with this one, looking forward to reading and participating during the rangers playoff run, and hopefully celebrating a cup win! (Doubt it happens, but wouldn't that be nice )

I'm not sure if there is a thread about this, I looked back a few pages and tried the search function, but couldn't seem to find much, and the Rangers website is great on the perks, but has little to no information about the actual process. If this is in the wrong place, mods please move it, and accept my apologies in advance.

Anyway, I've been thinking for a while now about potentially going in for a set of season tickets, and finally decided that I'm not getting any younger, and money dosen't mean anything in the afterlife, so why not spend it now and enjoy it. I've decided to take the plunge for the 2013-2014 season, and seem to be confused about how the process works. I'm looking for three tickets in total.

Logically, I'd just go online, look at a seat map, pick what seats are avalible, and then put in my credit card. Sadly, it dosen't seem to be that easy. I'm looking for preferably upper bowl due to price concerns(Looking to pay under $100 per ticket per game, and I think I'm priced out of downstairs at that level). From what I'm reading, it seems like those seats are a hot commodity, and as a newbie STH it's going to be difficult(if not impossible) to get upper bowl seats. I like the second row for $90(Probably my ideal seats if I could choose), do I have any chance in hell at getting 3 together there, or am I dreaming? Ditto for the $73 section directly behind it.(I'd take the $50 seats, but I'd like to be a bit closer to the ice if possible, and I'm willing to spend the cash to do so)

How does the whole process work? Once I fill out an online "application", do I get contacted by someone? I know that I have to put down a deposit sooner rather than later, but once I put down that deposit, I don't know what seats I'm getting? Will I know at least what section/price category I'm going to be paying for before I commit myself to putting down a deposit? Or, is the deposit refundable if it turns out I'm going to be stuck with $250 seats in the lower bowl that I really can't afford? If I call the subscribers office instead of doing it online, is that a better option?(Get a deposit in and figure out my options all in one go instead of playing email tag).

Finally, what's the resale market look like? While I'm planning to be at most of the games, I can't do 41/41 simply because I have a life outside Rangers hockey, plus I travel a decent amount for work, and can't plan that around hockey. Is it usually fairly easy to get face or higher for tickets, or am I going to take a bath on games that I can't make it to? Obviously a saturday vs NJD is going to be higher than tuesday night against FLA, but overall, how's the market look?

One final stupid question: Playoffs. I know that you have first right of refusal on playoff tickets for your seats, but, if I sign up for next year now, any chance at all that I could get playoff tix for this year(in some random seat, obviously not where I'd end up full time since that's not even known yet), or at this point am I stuck with stubhub?(Pretty sure I'm SOL, but it's worth a shot).

Thanks so much in advance for your answers and advice, although it might not seem like much, it's very helpful!

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