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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
I can see why especially if one thinks the franchise may be devaluing,ie they paid
5.8 million for the francihise,meaning each per cent was worth 58,000,now it is worth
reportedly 95-100,00,so for 15 per cent Boughner gets 750,000 approx on top of the 58
grand he paid for each share
Its all about the cash,plus he still maintains controlling interest,get something while
while the iron is still hot,is what Im thinking
I agree with a lot of what you are saying. IMHO The ownership group got in at precisely the best time possible. The value of the team was at a low point and once they made the purchase things went very well for them what with the new arena arriving in fairly short order. The bottom line is and always should be the almighty $$$. I doubt if BB gives two hoots in hell that some of the fans are grumbling.( I know if it was my $$$ invested that's what I'd be looking after).
They say timing is everything and IMHO the timing is ripe for them to turn a tidy profit and get out before things slow down somewhat as it probably will once the OHL makes their 2014 Memorial Cup decision.
If you were a betting person would you put your money on rising profits in the coming year or two. I suspect not.
I certainly wouldn't blame them if they decide to move on.

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