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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Did anyone catch the news last night? Lots of good stuff. The kids ditching the PSAE were hilarious, so ****ing dumb, lol.

The one kid, I thought he should be in special ed, that's how slow and dim witted he was. He was just a regular student though. The reporter was really condescending toward everyone she interviewed. You usually don't see that kind of subjectivity but it was clear as day with this woman and this story. She clearly was staunchly against the ditching and the protest and he didn't pick up on it at all. At the end, she asked him if he was coached on his answers, which was hilarious because he had such a hard time spitting them out. His response, "Yes, ma'am" HILARIOUS, I don't know if they stream the previous day's news online but check it out, I believe it was channel 9 I was watching.

Then, the "Fight for 15". I hadn't heard about this thing at all. Apparently there is a nationwide movement by fast food workers to get paid 15 dollars an hour starting wage. As part of it, they have staged walkouts where most of the crew at a fast food place just walk out in the middle of the shift and go home. When they were questioned about it by the reporter, the response was something like "I have bills to pay. It's gotta be 15 dollars an hour at least to give me the money I need. Time to get paid!"
If I was the owner of a fast food joint I would have fired anyone who walked out... You can bet there plenty of people out there, especially in the economy that would gladly take those jobs at their present wages.

If they want 15 dollars an hour they can learn a skill. Flipping burgers and taking orders is not a skill - anyone can do that.

Beggars cant be choosers.

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