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04-28-2013, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Lindberg Cheese View Post
Just got off the Caps page. Their fans make Devils fans look objective and knowledgable. You would think they're talking about a 70 pt team that wasnt gifted a 3 seed and played in an NHL division. A coupla points:
1. Main strategy seems to be hitting our D (ok) and running Hank (nice strategy for a "superior" team)
2. They have 2nd round match ups already mapped
3. They believe Milbury picking them is good
4. Callahan is apparently a "diver" and thats all he does
obviously both teams playing well and series may come down to bounces but i smell success. Must be nice to make bold predictions and easily shift over to baseball season without a second thought when it doesnt pan out. I pray the hockey gods do not let this impertinance go.
The Callahan diving and running Hank talk comes across pretty childish. Maybe kids posting on the weekend?

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