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04-28-2013, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Hamilton Brian View Post
Good grief, Sleeman's?

Look, it's brewed in Guelph. But what else is brewed in Guelph? Wellington, which makes some excellent low ABV ales...Arkell Best Bitter, for one. Still in that very local region...Stonehammer makes an unparalleled pilsner. They also contract brew Macleans Ale, which when had on cask, is heavenly. Still in the region, Cambridge's Grand River makes brews that are simple but elegant. They turned me back into an appreciator of low-hopped beers...I had been trying to find the next Arrogant *******, but they make lighter ales and lagers...1913 traditional, Galt Knife, Hannenberg Pils.

Anyway, the beer snob in me says, get away from the macros. Go to your local brewery or hit the LCBO. If anything, you're supporting good jobs and the local economy.

For relevant NE content, I lived in Maine in the 90s. Ontario is just now catching up to what was happening in Maine and Mass back then. It's about time.
Hey be thankful, In Saskatchewan we're still a solid 20 years behind Ontario.

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