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04-28-2013, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post
I have a question. To all the ones predicting doom and gloom, what will happen if the Bruins get to the Stanley Cup finals?

People in here are talking about the Penguins being the team to beat as a given, since they won the Cup in 2008, how many times have they gotten past the 2nd round even when healthy?

Rask is a top flight goaltender and playing the Leafs in the first round could be exactly what the doctor ordered for building confidence and team chemistry. I think a lot are also overlooking the Jagr factor here, if you guys thought he was good a few weeks ago, wait until the playoffs start. It will be Jagr time, bank on it.
I'd be thrilled who wouldn't?

But as the team stands right now, here today, not 2011, not for the 6 years straight that Clode has guided them into the P.O's, but the here and now, it's doomy and gloomy. How else am I supposed to assess their chances when asked (as in the PO prediction thread, or by you)? What doesn't look gloomy? That they've improved slightly from horrendous? I suppose that's a positive, and I agree beating up on the Leafs could be just the thing we need, but that hasn't happened yet, has it?

As someone mentioned, we're not playing brutal, it's more that we're not putting the puck in the net when we generate chances. That's all well and good, but the last time I checked the only way to put points on the scoreboard is with scoring. So the only problem is they're a hockey team that can't score? Not exactly a minor glitch in the process. Granted the chances are there but if they're not ultimately finished off, they're meaningless. We've seen this from Claude's teams before, missed chances and zero instinctual reaction in front of the net. His system can drain players of their instincts, they pause, think, dish, pass, anything but just put it on net. Tonight Marchand had a chance high in the slot, instead of shooting he tried to stick handle through 2 Ottawa defenders. Granted he almost made it, but eventually the play ran dry.

You can be critical of a team, its coach, its GM, and even individual players (although I don't like to do that), and still be a devoted fan.

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