Thread: Confirmed with Link: Season Ticket Price Increase for 13-14
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04-28-2013, 09:47 PM
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I just laughed it off - getting the letter mentioning the price increase for next season on the same day as the fan appreciation day - in fact at the Winnipeg game last Monday, Mark - a fellow STH who sits next to me - and I were talking next years season tickets. I joked that we will get something in the mail on Friday and he said no probably not for another week or so. I should have made a bet with him!

I laughed even more when at the game on Friday, I asked some STHers who sit around me if they got the letter and I was only person who did! (Hell, the person who lives across the street from me-who has season tickets in the same row as me-didn't get his!) I thought maybe someone - Mark? - was playing a joke on me especially after correctly predicting the above and that I was the only one who would be paying more next season! LOL!

Not upset about the price increase at all - I can pay the $82 more ($41 each-as I have two season tickets) - no big deal. Heck, for the second year in a row, I thought it would be a $2 increase so I got a surprise that it was only a $1 per game.

Thing that got me was the $2 more per ticket (in my price level) for the three pre-season games - $12 per-game for the three pre-season games this season compared to $10 per-game last season. Of course we didn't pay for them last season because they weren't played due to the lockout. Don't like paying for three meaningless pre-season games especially after what two years ago where you only had to pay for one - the Leafs pre-season game and got the option to buy your seats for the other pre-season game. Oh well guess it could be worse and we could be Bills STHers who pay full price for two pre-season games.

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