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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
My god dude. Get off of it. Your obsession for Bob is unreal. I was happy he went somewhere else to prove himself. But answer me this, did you expect his stats to be THIS GOOD when he left? Because I'm sure as **** no one did. He was a raw talent when he was here. He was a stop gap for getting Bryz as our #1. It was better in the long run for him NOT to be here, Beef, especially with Bryz signing.

You have the right to like Bob, that's fine. But man, keep your pants on. Move on. Gagne was easily one of my favorite Flyers of all time. Bob was here for 2 years and got traded as not only a business decision, but also as a decision for him to go elsewhere and be successful. It happens. Look at Patrick Sharp. He went to the Blackhawks and has done VERY well.

Be happy for him, but don't linger on it. He's gone and he's not coming back. Move on.

Couturier and Voracek never left Philadelphia. We also didn't have Howson as our GM at the time we traded Carter.
I just think it's hypocritical for you to pick and choose who gets to monitor their favorite players, and when it's acceptable. Gagne: OK! Bob? NOT OK. For other, Richards and Carter? OK! Bob? NOT OK. It's not your place to dictate that. It's not like I'm alone in following Bob.

Edit: As for your other questions, yes, I did think Bob would be this good. I didn't think he would do it this year, but I thought he would do it someday. He clearly had the talent and just needed the coaching and experience. Hence why I wanted to sign Vokoun for a 2-3 year stopgap and develop Bob, on top of the contract we all knew Bryz would be commanding.

And that's the other thing: It was a business decision, made necessary by the owner's kneejerk reaction and impatience. Bob did nothing wrong. So there's no reason to just stop being a fan of that guy. His presence in the division next year will definitely provide one.

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