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04-28-2013, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Here's the story on the fake punt, with comments from him in video:

Even punters have off-the-field issues, and he was one of them because he got suspended for the bowl game. He was already one of the best punters in the country, if not THE best, and was a draftable punter, just wasn't drafted. I guess he also decided that LSU wasn't going to be that good this year, too. I like him, but I'm also more familiar with him since the Saints writers mix in LSU talk on Saturdays.
If Im not mistaken (read it online so don't know if its true) but he was supposedly asked by the LSU personal (dont know if that mean coaches or players) to NOT come back.

Sources say Wing, an Australian, was told in so many words by LSU officials in January that he wasn't welcome back despite having two years of eligibility remaining.
"Unlike most punters, he wants the fame," one scout said. "If he goes to New York or somewhere like that, look out. He's just a big party guy.

"He's more interested in the length of his punts than the directional or actually being an NFL-type punter."

It's an average year for punters. If he isn't drafted late, Wing surely will sign as a free agent.

"Our team wouldn't even consider him," one of the special-teams coaches said. "When you have multiple violations is when you start to worry.

"With the drug failures, some teams just go with somebody else. But some teams don't worry a thing about that."
Guy really does seem messed up.

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