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04-28-2013, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
Honestly, I could see Lundy steal the Vezina.

It's not that. It's more the idea that you keep kicking yourself, making it sound like you're going to commit seppuku because of how good Bob was been this year. It's brought up almost every single day about Bob going or Bob being awesome. Why didn't we do that for Gagne or Richards or Carter when they got traded? We rooted for them, yes, but not to the level of some people have been when it comes to Bob. It's like... a cult following or something.

Sometimes, it's as if I can see the tears coming from posts. All I'm asking, is to calm down. You keep overreacting when it comes to Bob doing well and it's really starting to get old. Yes, Bob did very well this year. Good for him. Cheer for him.
Im gonna have to disagree with the Richards and Carter part. I liked them (well Richards more) but there are STILL people that complain about the trade every month on here. Now that is an obsession. In the end though the Kings winning the cup made it worse.

Realistically I can see where Beef is coming from. We traded a young goalie who showed promise for a goalie who has looked terrible two seasons in a row now. Heres hoping Mason stays consistent, cause IF he can show this isnt a fluke, we can make out better in the end.

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