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04-28-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
Man, people on this board make me laugh. They constantly rip the Flyers media, they're willing to applaud sub-par players because they decide to take their anger out on the media, and all the while, the people on this board never look at themselves in the mirror and realize that THEY ARE THE REASON WHY THE MEDIA GETS AWAY WITH THIS.

That's right, if you're posting in this thread, you're likely one of the reasons why the media is allowed to continue to sell gossip-based stories about the Flyers without even the slightest fear of losing their jobs. Because you eat it up. You might "hate" that they're discussing locker-room gossip instead of reporting what the team is doing right/wrong, but you read the articles just the same and then you take to twitter and facebook and message boards with your "hate" but in the mean-time, you're only encouraging others (who have no clue what you're ranting about) to go and read the articles, and you're only increasing the social media mentions and followers of these bottom-feeding members of our media.

I think a lot of people out there misunderstand the role of the media in this country. The job description is now and has always been to sell papers/books if you're a print journalist and to have good ratings if you're a TV journalist / news anchor. It used to be that in order to accomplish those primary tasks, media members needed to be trustworthy, needed to be professional, and needed to talk about the primary issues at hand (the play of the team). Because that was what sold well. But somewhere along the line, things changed. And the "thing" that changed wasn't media members gathering at some secret conference and deciding to be less professional and to be more biased and to run more gossip-based stories, what happened was that the public (that's ME and YOU) changed and the reporters adapted to that.

It's very easy to just go and blame the media for writing these things, but at the end, they're just doing their jobs. They have no responsibility to the team to only print stories that paint them in a positive light, they have no responsibility to only talk about the games, their primary responsibility is to generate revenue for their employers in any legal way possible and they are doing that job well. The end-users / consumers of their media coverage (us) decide what (if any) addition responsibilities are necessary in order to get us to "consume" their stories. Right now, it appears that the consumers of hockey news in Philadelphia actually like the gossip stories, some of the most crowded threads on this forum have been based on gossip stories run by our media.

If you want them to change and stop writing those stories, you first need to change yourself.
And if we don't actually read the articles?

I'm actually interested to find out of the writers have any financial incentive to being on twitter, because I DO follow them on there, albeit reluctantly.

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