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04-28-2013, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
IU, you are the best. thanks man. no posts in 1 week, and then 3 in a row by you with great info. i used to think CLB got bad ratings because they were so bad. but man, what a yr for them, a chance to make the playoffs and they are barely averaging not much more than 1.0. that's sad. i hope they don't make the playoffs. they don't deserve it.

and as for CHI.. i know bulls have the immigrants over hawks, but man.. 6.6 last night?? that's what the hawks averaging all season.. and this is the playoffs to boot.. now i am not so sure anymore the bulls would beat the hawks. if hawks are averaging this much in reg season, i am sure they will get 9.0+ in the 1st round.
The Jackets are averaging a 1.7 actually. For a team thats been utter dog **** their entire existence. Also the only games at 1.0 or below started later than 9:00pm local time. Maybe you should google the Stanley Cup finals ratings broken down by cities with NHL teams, then you'd see Columbus in or near the top 10. 12th in 2011 for the finals with a 5.1 rating. Columbus also averaged a 22.3(8th out of all metered markets) for the 2010 gold medal game. Go back into your hole

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