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04-28-2013, 11:05 PM
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Apologies to all for getting my personal dislike get in the way of discussion. I wouldn't mind jughead contributing more but as of now it depends on the eye of the beholder if you consider these rumors news. I just see it as Dobrich wanting to divest and if he's getting more back than what he put in then it's a win for him. Dobrich hasn't been noticeable around the arena so this isn't much of a surprise. Nobody really makes money with business or franchises without selling their share and this might have been the time for Dobrich. I heard the Savage stuff and not the Tullio stuff. Still not sure if you will even have any type of announcement with this. Savage is certainly very active in the community and that could be a plus for the organization but overall I am not sure it will amount to much.

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