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Originally Posted by Kb21 View Post
about the boozer double team thing, i meant if boozer made the kick out to, lets say demar, he would only hit 28% of those open 3's giving the other team an actual incentive to double team boozer other then trying to get the ball out of his hands in the post. hence our team would probably look like the knicks if a boozer trade did happen but with lesser shooters (melo > rudy, demar < JRsmith).

and about the speed aspect, boozer isn't a guy suited to run up and down the court given his age and injury history. with our team of high flyers he would become quite useless those 30% of the time we are on a fast break.

i'd rather us just bring bargs off the bench, or trade him for a backup PG/6th man/salary dump, and continue to use amir in the PF/C role as he has a similar game to boozer while being younger.
And Demar is the only option to kick it out to?

The run and gun style of the Raptros hasn't really worked that great for the overall success of the team. I would prefer a bit more structure in the offense but if you can't put a winning product on the floor you might as well put an exciting one, right?

Amir is a fan favorite for sure, I love the guy too, but he's not a quality starting PF/C in the NBA. He's good to have come in off the bench to give ya some jump and grunt but he's defiantly not a starting quality 4-5 on a playoff team.

Bargnani needs to go, He's got not roll on the team. He was the depended scorer who got by with no defense and lack of rebounding because he was putting up 18-20 a night. But when the offense isn't run through him he's useless and brings nothing else to the table. If Toronto can trade him then any return is a upgrade imo.

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