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04-28-2013, 11:33 PM
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our best bet to land a UFA is a talented player trapped behind superstars elsewhere

thats pretty much how we got Arnott... not sure if anyone fits that description this summer but thats our best bet at convincing someone to come here short of a major overpayment in cash.

Trade wise I think our defensemen are more desirable to other GM's than we realize. think about it, many of our cast-offs have regular slots on other teams(Zids, Zanon, O'brien, and even Sulzer)

I think anyone not named Weber or Josi is tradable, although for us to give up Klein we had better be getting a true star forward back...

as far as forwards go, Legwand and Fisher arent going anywhere, SK is probably not worth trading for the little he would bring, and none of our other established forwards will bring much by themselves but some of our up and coming forward prospects would sweeten a package built around someone else.

We need a team with a star forward young enough to be good for us for the next three years, on a team who is planning a two year rebuild and needs defense and young forwards.

If we are actually going to get a real 1st line winger, I think it may well cost Ellis + Beck + pick

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