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04-28-2013, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by helicecopter View Post
I think you're being too harsh, often happens out of anger.
It's not Kravchuk's fault if Zadorov and i think someone else i'm missing now, were not available. Glukhov was also missing the last 2 decisive games.
Finland G also outplayed Russian G, that's the difference. And actually Russia tied the game if not for that quick whistle.

I don't think Russia played bad and even less so against USA in the semis.
If this Russian team was bad, one has to wonder what terms should be used to describe this year Swedish team's play.

Congrats to Finland for a hard fought and earned bronze medal.
I have to wonder what are the real measures for Ilvonen: he is listed only a few cms shorter than others on team Finland, but he looked like a child out there, way smaller than anyone else.
I can always be guilty of misinterpreting a result, but it looked to me as if the addition of 1 or 2 players wouldn't have made much difference. Other teams were even more adversely affected by missing players in the CHL playoffs.

In fairness, Russian youth teams, especially the ones below U20, have rarely been strong contenders for championships. I think this has to do with the absence of competitive hockey experiences for kids until they reach age 16 or 17. Many other countries have highly organized competitive structures for young kids, so that by the time they reach U18, they have nearly 10 years of competitive experience. The creation of the MHL and lower level leagues in Russia should begin to remedy that in the not too distant future. Russian kids usually start to catch up by U20, and by the time they reach senior level they are as good as anybody.

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