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12-31-2003, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by PotiFan107
2 Game winning goals in 2 overtime games...

nuff said[/QUOTE

Game winning goals aside. HE sucks. Purse swinging, defensive liability with no heart. And who did the NYR give up for him?? Only the best player on the Oilers currently. Who was also the heart of the NYR. Who also carried Lindros and Fleury on his back for Half a season.

Funny how everyone used to criticize Mikey York saying that he would be nothing without Eric and Theo. Funny how the exact opposite happened.
I'm sorry but what? Yes York is playing well for Edmonton. Yes, personally I hate the trade. But lets not jump the boat a little, York did not carry Lindros and Fleury. Lindros carried that line before he gave himself a concussion. Lindros has and always will be a dominant player on any line he plays IF that line is dominant ... unfortunately, Eric hasn't been dominant since he smacked himself in the face with his own stick. York is a very good heart and soul player ... although this may shock you, how good york is has nothing to do with the how well or poorly Poti plays. No, he is not Scott Stevens, but he does bring something to the table ... and as for "game winning goals aside", why aside? Isn't that what playing hockey is about? Winning games? So why wouldn't we consider the fact that he just won two games for us? I don't like Poti, and I would trade him in a minute for Jillson on Boston and maybe expand it for Rolston as well (Carter and Poti for Jillson and Rolston anyone?)? But lets not go to far overboard and at least for two games, give credit where credit is due.

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