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Originally Posted by Superbowlfishca View Post
Great breakdown on zones!! I like and agree with the attitude that it is all about the kids, however I dont see any problem with SHA tinkering with the zone config. Again it needs to be based on participation numbers per zone. I would assume SHA has these numbers so I dont see why they would not adjust accordingly. There is an imbalance that exists and I think your analysis points this out so I dont know why you have a reluctance for change. Sure there are ebs and flows year over year in talent levels zone to zone. Still I think there is an imbalance in the playing field that needs to be addressed. As someone said on these boards said " if they are not there to monitor these inequities then why do they even need to exist at all"

RE MJ I have talked about this before - they have a closed door mentality about their hockey program until PeeWee where they finally run A and AA programs.
They dont believe in Atom AA hockey.(they dont even run a Tier II program in Novice or Atom) If you look at places that have Atom AA programs such as Estevan,Weyburn and especially Yorkton they seem to have done a little better job of development. The problem may not be that they dont run a more elite stream at the younger ages per se ,rather it speaks to the philosophy of their entire minor hockey program. It is a model for the masses. Much like the city has a social leaning to the left politically, I think this philosophy has leaked into their minor hockey programs as well.
They also have an ageing population so I am sure their hockey numbers have been on the decline.
If I am in a rural minor hockey system or live in MJ I would ask the question as to why Regina and Saskatoon should be the only centers in the province to run tiered hockey programs at the younger ages. To me these systems motivate kids to work hard to try to get better in order to make these teams thus leading to better skills and development. They also definitely get better coaching and the coaches are able to run more high end drills and overall practices that leads to better development. Playing up level games of hockey against better players also causes better development because mentally kids know they have to step up their game to compete at the higher level.
Thanks for the insight on MJ. This is too bad and I agree whole heartedly with tiered hockey. It truly is the only way to get skilled players heading in the right direction.

We will agree to disagree on the zone re-structuring... Heh, we can revisit it again as the entire board seems to be an ebb and flow! lol. Back and forth, round and round we go.

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